If you have any old pickups that have no output or have drastically reduced in volume, I can rewind or repair them to their original specs.  Special care is taken to preserve your original sound, so If all your pickup needs is to have the eyelets resoldered, that's all I'll do.

Rewound 1966 Kay pickups

Original coil wire will better match the sound and output of your other pickups, but if need be I have a full selection of vintage-spec coil wire for rewinds.  I can also recharge magnetic polepieces that have gone dead over the years.

a 1962 Strat pickup I repaired, no rewind was required on this pickup

Call 615-398-1857 or email in inquire about rewinds.  Pickups typically spend 1 week in the shop.  $50 per coil.

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