about Schuyler

I remember the exact moment I became obsessed with electric guitar pickups: I was working at a guitar store in San Francisco in 2009, trying out every single guitar on my break, and I was fascinated by how different a guitar could sound simply by the choice of pickups.  That sparked a deep dive into magnets and coil wire that I still have not recovered from. Along the way, I have met and learned from some truly legendary people in the electric guitar industry and picked up a few skills of my own.
Today I live and work in Nashville, TN with my wife and two dogs, building guitars and pickups by hand, one-by-one in my workshop.  The part I love the most is talking with customers about wild ideas and turning those into prototypes, and eventually pickups that help their guitar make the sound they want.  Everything I do is done to put the best possible product in your hands at the end of the day, and there is nothing I enjoy more than a happy customer.

-Schuyler Dean